Class C Warrants

We’re writing today about something we know very well which is getting people out of jail on Class C warrants. A lot of people get tickets and then for whatever reason they forget about them, they don’t handle them. Now maybe this doesn’t describe you but if it describes you or someone you know, someone you’re trying to get out of jail then you’re going to need to read this. If you get arrested on warrants, it’s possible you’re going to jail for multiple warrants out of multiple local agencies. People can have warrants all over the Metroplex. If you were driving around without a license, without insurance, without an inspection or registration sticker and you were speeding, then every time you get stopped you’re going to get four or five tickets. Then if you’re the type of person who doesn’t take care of those tickets, you’ll likely have four or five warrants everywhere you got stopped. So, you’ll have multiple agencies that want you in the sense that they want you in their court. And those warrants will hold you in jail until they’re taken care of.

Now, what happens if you don’t do anything? You’ll bounce around from jail to jail over a period of days, sometimes even a period of weeks taking care of these warrants, sitting them out or paying them off or doing whatever it takes just to try to get out of jail. And so, if that describes you well, call us before you get arrested and we can help you get them cleared up so that you don’t get stuck in jail. But if you happen to be stuck in jail, call us, … Or have a relative call us and we’ll strategize about how we’re going to get you released from the claws of all these cities that are trying to grab you. There are ways to do it; ways to go about it efficiently. And you know, if you need nothing more than advice, we can give that too because a lot of these tickets, if you just try to sit them out, you may be using your time to pay off tickets at a rate even more than you make in a day, but you’re going to be shooting yourself in the foot a lot of ways. You’re going to be damaging your driving record, getting yourself surcharges, possibly license suspensions and digging a much deeper hole for yourself when it comes to trying to get a valid license. Note that getting a valid license and having good insurance and keeping your car registered and inspected are very good ways to keep from getting four or five tickets every time you get stopped. Then if you get stopped you only get one ticket for the traffic offense. A lot of agencies won’t even write four or five tickets. They’ll just take you straight to jail.

So, we know this stuff backwards and forwards. We deal with it all the time. We can help you fix your license, get you out of jail, keep you from going to jail, clear your warrants, clear your omni fees, and advise you how to deal with your surcharges,…We want you not to have to worry when you’re driving around day to day.