Possession of Controlled Substances

Defense For Possession of Controlled Substances In Dallas, TX

If you have been arrested on the grounds of possessing a controlled substance, it’s wisest to schedule a consultation with The Traylor Law Firm as soon as possible. Since founding The Traylor Law Firm in 1995, Attorney David Traylor has defended many clients as a possession of a controlled substance lawyer in his many years of legal practice. With his expertise on your side and the backing of our committed support staff, you’ll be in the best possible hands.

Penalties For Possession In Dallas, TX

A first-time offender found in possession of a controlled substance may have the opportunity to avoid jail time by participating in a drug diversion program. Some Texas court districts offer sentencing alternatives for first-time offenders. However, drug diversion programs are unavailable in a few court districts.

The penalty for possession of a controlled substance in Dallas, Texas, can vary greatly and depends on the type of drug and the amount found in the defendant’s possession. For possession of a controlled substance such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin, the penalty is much more severe than Marijuana. Marijuana possession charges are treated differently than possession charges for other substances.

As distinguished by the United States legislature, there are five schedules of drugs. These are regularly updated to allow new substances to be considered.

The penalty for individuals convicted of drug-related charges will be more severe for compounds classified in lower schedule numbers. For example, possessing a schedule one substance such as heroin will always be considered at least a state felony in Texas (even if it’s under one gram).

On the other hand, individuals convicted on drug-related charges of higher schedule numbers generally see more lenient punishments. For instance, possession of a schedule three substance such as Marijuana is a class B or class A misdemeanor in Texas. That is unless you are found in possession of over 4 ounces. In that case, you are looking at the possibility of a state jail felony conviction.

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No matter the amount you had, or the specific substance you have been arrested for possessing, it is imperative to utilize an experienced possession of a controlled substance defense lawyer. Clients often require a lawyer’s expertise to ensure that no false distribution or trafficking claims are made. Law enforcement may have found under 4 ounces of marijuana on an individual. But still, if authorities discovered the same amount of marijuana bagged in separate packaging, the person may be interpreted as having an intent to distribute. The stakes become much higher if you are believed to have been distributing a controlled substance. A skilled possession of a controlled substance lawyer will understand how to construct the honest details of your case into a robust defense. In these cases, allowing us to do the talking for you can be especially important.

Investigate Possible Defenses With A Defense Attorney

There are often many possible defenses to focus on in a possession case. Sometimes, the defendant was unaware that the illicit drugs were in their possession. Perhaps the vehicle containing the substances was used by another person recently, or maybe you were manipulated or coerced into the situation. Further, the amount confiscated might be insufficient to justify the charges being put forth. Additionally, you might have proof of a prescription or other approved uses for the substance. Details such as these have the best chance of helping your case if you are backed by a persuasive and experienced felony drug possession of a controlled substance lawyer.