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“I can’t imagine having different goals than my clients. I want what they want. And I don’t judge. I strive to understand them and do everything I can to get them back to their lives. If there’s no path forward, we go into court and we fight. And we usually win. As the saying goes in Texas, ‘it ain’t bragging if you can do it!’ Or, if somebody else says it!”

-David Traylor

Call 24 hours a day. We can also provide phone or video consultations and can handle transactions remotely.

At The Traylor Law Firm our Criminal Defense Lawyer brings 20 years of experience to Dallas courts. All we do is Criminal Defense and Jail Release. We have helped thousands put their problems behind them.

We take each case seriously and work hard to get the very best result. We investigate the facts of each case to plan our client’s representation. We find out what they care about and where they are going in life so we can know them aside from their legal troubles.

This helps us prepare, but it also helps with witnesses, victims, police officers, prosecutors and judges. Criminal defense begins and ends with the client’s story. We listen closely to that story. It is an important part of what we do.

Whether it’s negotiating a dismissal, a favorable plea agreement or preparing to try to win at trial, our client’s story is central to their defense. It makes a big difference to our clients; it makes a big difference in our results.

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Criminal Defense Attorney In Dallas, TX | Traylor Law Firm

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, or if the police are questioning you or investigating you, don’t wait to see what happens, take action to protect your rights and contact a Dallas, TX criminal defense attorney immediately. Whether you’ve been charged with a small misdemeanor or a serious felony, David L. Traylor, Esq. can help you. Attorney Traylor is a seasoned, A+ rated criminal defense attorney in Dallas, TX, and he’s assisted numerous clients with a wide array of criminal cases. He’s a tested and proven trial lawyer who knows how to build powerful defenses.

The consequences of a criminal charge could result in expensive fines, driver’s license suspension or revocation, probation, jail, or even serious prison time. If you are convicted, a criminal record can impact your life for a long time, possibly forever. A criminal record may make it difficult to find work or even housing, in spite of the laws in place to protect former offenders. Due to public records, you could be discriminated against and not even know it, so your best option is to seek counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney and let she or he work to keep you from being convicted! Don’t take a chance with your freedom, or risk being discriminated against for the rest of your life, take action and call Traylor Law Firm.

100% focused on Criminal Defense

Jail Release

Jail Release

If you have a family member or friend in jail, call us. We’ll tell you what it takes to get them out. We’ve dealt with all the local jails. Sometimes people want fast… Read More

Warrants and Driver License

Driving While Intoxicated

The Traylor Law Firm has more than 20 years experience handling Driving While Intoixcated (DWI) cases. The state of Texas takes DWI’s very seriously and the penalties reflect that…Read More

Court Dates

Bail Bonds

If you have a family member or friend in jail, call us. We’ll tell you what it takes to get them out. We’ve dealt with all the local jails. Sometimes people want fast…Read More

Probation Violations

Probation Violations

We can also help on probations. These cases often aren’t as bad as they seem. It’s almost always better to fix them now.There’s usually something we can do…Read More

In Jail – Not Bonded

Traffic Tickets

Dallas is a part of the fourth largest metropolitan area in the US and is the ninth largest city in the country. With an economy that is resistant to many…Read More

You’ve Been Accused Or Charged With A Crime - What Should You Do?

If you are accused of a crime in Dallas, TX or the surrounding area, it is critical that you retain a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even if you have not been formerly charged with a crime by the prosecutor yet, the time to seek legal counsel is upon you, don’t wait. As your criminal defense attorney, David L. Traylor, Esq. will meet with you right away to hear your story, ask detailed questions, and begin an investigation into your criminal case immediately. Getting an early start is important because crime scenes can change and therefore it is important to take photos and investigate for evidence that can be critical to your defense. Additionally, witness accounts will be most useful if gathered soon after the incident because even just a day or two can cloud memories. At Traylor Law Firm, in Dallas, TX, we have a reputation for working with the best investigators in the state of Texas, and we will have them working your case right away to build the best possible defense for you.

Recent Testimonials

I was so pleased with The Traylor Law Firm. David Traylor did an awesome job and got my case dismissed. I recommend him to everyone. High Fives!!! Thank you!

Candace Y.
Candace Y.

Mr. Traylor handled a case for me back in December 2014. I had expected a difficult plea bargain with the DA; however my expectations of the legal process and my lawyer was more than I could have hoped for. Mr. Traylor's expertise and confidence in the court room was amazing. I would recommend his law firm for anyone facing criminal charges. He knew exactly what to do and kept me informed at every step along the way. With a very open, winning personality one could not ask for a better attorney in the DFW area.

Lilly W.
Lilly W.

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Warrants: What You Need To Know! | Tips From A Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney In Dallas, TX

Sometimes alleged crimes are reported to the police by the alleged victim or a witness at a later date. And if a judge then decides to issue a warrant, the three most common types of warrants associated with criminal cases are the arrest warrant, the bench warrant, and the search warrant, and each come with their own particular set of rules and allowances. But in regard to an alleged crime that has not yet been adjudicated, the judge may likely issue either an arrest warrant or search warrant, or both. It is important to note that while an arrest warrant does not give police the right to openly search your home, police certainly can, and do, confiscate evidence that is in plain sight. And if the police come to your place of employment to arrest you, a situation that might have been kept private is now happening in public, and the visible arrest could damage your reputation permanently. Therefore, for this reason, and many others, it is best to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your criminal defense attorney in Dallas, TX can assist you, and ascertain whether an arrest warrant has been issued. If there is any way to find out ahead of time, you should deal with it right away, and avoid the public embarrassment that could damage your reputation. With a criminal defense attorney on your team, you may be able to handle the entire situation through your attorney in a more private manner. If you need assistance, in Dallas, TX, or other area across the state, contact Traylor Law Firm.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer covers most of North Texas

Among other cities and counties in the area, we represent people in all Dallas County zip codes and throughout the City of Dallas from 75201 and 75202 (Downtown), 75203 and 75215 (Cedars / Trinity River Bottoms / Oak Cliff), 75204 (Uptown / Cityplace), 75205 and 75225 (Park Cities / NorthPark), 75206 (Greenville / M Streets), 75207 and 75247 (Stemmons Corridor), 75208 (Kessler Park / Bishop Arts), 75209 (Bluffview), 75210 (Fair Park), 75211 (Cockrell Hill), 75212 (West Dallas), 75214 and 75218 (Lakewood / White Rock), 75216 and 75241 (South Dallas), 75217 (Pleasant Grove / Southeast Dallas), 75219 (Oak Lawn / Turtle Creek / Victory), 75220, 75229 (Preston Hollow / Bachman Lake / Northwest Highway), 75223 (East Grand / Tennison Park), 75224 (Wynnewood North / Kiest Park), 75226 (Deep Ellum), 75227 (East Dallas), 75228 (Casa View), 75230 (North Dallas), 75231 (Vickery Meadow), 75232 (Polk / Camp Wisdom), 75233 and 75234 (Oak Cliff), 75235 (Love Field), 75236 and 75249 (Mountain Creek), 75237 (Red Bird), 75238 (Lake Highlands), 75240, 75244 and 75254 (Far North Dallas), 75243 (Northeast Dallas), 75246 (Baylor) and 75253 (Far Southeast Dallas).

We also help people with cases from the suburbs of Dallas County including 75001 (Addison), 75006 and 75007 (Carrollton), 75038, 75039, 75060, 75061, 75062 and 75063 (Irving), 75040, 75041, 75042, 75043, and 75044 (Garland), 75048 (Sachse), 75050, 75051, 75052 and 75054 (Grand Prairie), 75080, 75081 and 75082 (Richardson), 75088 and 75089 (Rowlett), 75104 (Cedar Hill), 75115 (Desoto), 75116 and 75137 (Duncanville), 75125 (), 75134 and 75146 (Lancaster), 75141 (Hutchins), 75149 and 75150 (Mesquite), 75154 (Glenn Heights / Red Oak), 75159 (Seagoville), 75172 (Wilmer), 75180 and 75181 (Balch Springs), 75182 (Sunnyvale) and 75234 (Farmers Branch), Ferris, Highland Park, University Park. Click on any of the above hotlinks for information and help in those areas.

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Why Should I Select Traylor Law Firm As My Criminal Defense Attorney In Dallas, TX?

When you have been charged with a crime, and you’re facing a possible criminal conviction, your reputation, your livelihood, your future, and even your freedom is all potentially at risk. You need a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner to ensure that you get the best defense possible. Traylor Law Firm handles DUI, domestic violence, assault, battery, driving with license suspended, embezzlement, child endangerment, breaking and entering, and much more in Dallas, TX and the surrounding area; in most situations, if you’ve been charged with it, we’ve defended it previously.

David L. Traylor, Esq., of Traylor Law Firm, is a top rated criminal defense attorney in Dallas TX, and he has over 20 years’ experience assisting people who’ve been charged with crimes. From jail release, to negotiating plea agreements, handling dismissals or acquittals, and much more, Attorney Traylor has handled it all, and he can help you with your case too. His experience, talent, and professionalism in the criminal court system in Texas is unparalleled. An experienced, savvy criminal defense attorney may be able to help you avoid incarceration, costly fines that could cripple you financially, and of course permanent damage to both your record and your reputation in the community. Call Traylor Law Firm, of Dallas, TX, and let us get to work on your case right away. We will provide you with a detailed, no obligation, 100% free case evaluation. When your future is on the line, be proactive, get the best defense to protect your rights, your finances, and your freedom – get Traylor Law Firm, your Dallas, TX criminal defense attorney.