Dallas County Jail Release

Dallas County Jail Release

If you have a family member or friend in jail, call us, and we’ll tell you what it takes to get them out. We’ve dealt with all the local jails. Sometimes people want fast, and sometimes they want cheap. We’ll tell you all your Dallas County Jail release options and let you decide.

When dealing with the Dallas County Jail, it can be really helpful to have someone assisting you who knows the system. Lew Sterrett is a big jail with lots of employees, and they can’t always say exactly where a person is being held or when they might be getting out. Talking with one of the jailers can be frustrating if you don’t know exactly what to ask, and the jailers can get just as frustrated with you. Plus, just when you think you might be getting somewhere, a shift change can come along and set you back again.

At the Traylor Law Firm, our goal when you call is to help save you time and money. We want to get your person out as fast as possible. You shouldn’t have to wait to know exactly what’s going on. We’ll help clear it all up for you so you know exactly what’s happening every step of the way as we arrange a Dallas County jail release on your behalf.

Our criminal defense attorney David L. Traylor has been helping people with their criminal defense cases and Dallas County jail release for over 20 years. We provide Dallas County jail release for misdemeanors, felonies, DWIs, drug possessions, thefts, assaults, fraud, credit card abuse, marijuana possession, and more. In some cases, people are even held on warrants for unpaid tickets.

How to Handle Dallas County Jail Release

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If someone you care about is in jail, you may be able to secure a bond to get them released. A bond is, essentially, an amount of money that’s set by a judge in exchange for releasing the defendant from jail before their trial. The bond amount is intended to ensure the defendant will show up at court, and if they don’t, the amount is forfeited.

The quickest way to get somebody out is to post cash bonds directly with the jail. The Dallas County Jail is located at 111 W. Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas. Cash bonds may be paid in full at the bond desk at Lew Sterrett to secure a Dallas County jail release. However, this is also the most expensive way, as you must have the full cash amount of the bonds up front. For those who do not have the full amount, bail bonds companies can assist with your Dallas County jail release.

The bond company will only charge a portion of the bond as their fee. For larger bonds, that fee is usually 10%. For smaller bonds, it is a fixed rate. For instance, a $500 bond should cost about $175. This fee is called a premium. Unlike a cash bond, this fee is non-refundable. However, if your family member or loved one does not make all their court dates, the bond company will seek to recover more money from the cosigner or the person who signed for the bond.

If you’re arrested in Dallas County on a felony probation violation, you may be subject to a “no bond” warrant, which means you won’t be able to bond out for any amount of money. In other cases, the bond is set at an unreasonably high amount. If either of these situations happens to you, you need a Dallas County jail release attorney fighting for your rights and petitioning for a bond reduction hearing.

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You can check their website for prisoner information or call us at 214-382-0900 and we’ll check for you. Please note that the Dallas County Jail, despite their good intentions, often gives misleading information, especially when it comes to whether a person has been released. A person can be “released off the computer” or “transferred to another agency” and still be in the Dallas County Jail. They’ll often say that the person has been “released” or “transferred”, even when the person is still in their jail. And they won’t even know that’s misleading until you press them to look further. Having someone call who’s dealt with it all before and knows the difference can save a lot of time and stress.

Post-Dallas County Jail Release

At the Traylor Law Firm, we can continue to represent the defendant after we’ve secured their release from jail. Posting bail, after all, is often just the first hurdle toward protecting a person’s freedom. They’re still waiting to be charged with a criminal offense. Attorney David L. Traylor can offer continuing, comprehensive legal representation at pre-trial hearings and in court. In his 20 years working as a criminal defense attorney, he’s handled every type of case, from white-collar crimes like embezzlement to serious allegations of assault.

No matter what crime you’ve been charged with—a misdemeanor or a serious felony—it’s critical to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney with experience working in the Dallas, Texas, criminal justice system as soon as possible. At the Traylor Law Firm, we work with our own expert investigators to build the strongest possible defense in each case. If we can’t get your charges dropped or reduced, we work to minimize the negative consequences of a criminal conviction.

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The Traylor Law Firm of Dallas, Texas, is happy to get to work on your case right away. We offer free, in-depth case evaluations with no obligation to retain us so that you can ask us questions and hear our detailed expert opinions.

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