Attorney Endorsements

“I am very happy to endorse David as a good choice for a criminal defense attorney, or any other legal matter he handles. He is a very sharp guy, well-liked, and easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and/or family.”

Brian G., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. David is an excellent attorney who is well-regarded by his peers, prosecutors, and judges.”

Everett N., Criminal defense Attorney

“David is an excellent and dedicated attorney. He works tirelessly for his clients and has great results. I have no hesitation in endorsing him.”

John E., Criminal defense Attorney

“Very determined and dedicated attorney. I endorse this lawyer.”

Judd Nemiro Attorney

“David is a great lawyer who provides effective representation for his clients.”

Neil P., Criminal defense Attorney

“David is very knowledgeable and caring. You can’t go wrong with him”

Clark B., Criminal defense Attorney

“Traylor takes initiative and files motions and other pleadings raising issues when some attorneys often do not bother. I endorse this attorney.”

Michael M., Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse attorney David Traylor. He is knowledgeable and is a strong advocate, committed to protecting his clients rights.”

Wayne F., Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. David is a hard working criminal defense attorney, and he is well respected throughout the Dallas legal community.”

Jacob J., DUI and DWI Attorney


“I endorse this lawyer. I have known him for many years as a hard working attorney who is always seeking the best possible result for his clients. He stands up for his clients from beginning to end.”

David S., Federal crime Attorney


“I endorse this lawyer. I first remember seeing David at Dallas Municipal Court but I soon realized he does all criminal law, including bonds. He is a hard working attorney who fights for his clients.”

Efrain S., Criminal defense Attorney

“David is an excellent lawyer with great integrity. I have been referring criminal cases to him for the last 15 years. The feedback I have received has been 100% positive. When I refer a case to David, I know the client will be taken of in every aspect.”

Gregory F., Insurance Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Hardworking, caring and professional.”

J. Stevens, Bankruptcy and debt Attorney