Get Loved Ones Out of Jail Fast With a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Get Loved One Out of Jail FastJail is not a fun place to be. The time spent in jail, even if for a few hours can complicate your life by taking away time and potentially thousands of dollars.

People land in jail for a variety of reasons, but the three most common ways are probation violations, new criminal cases and warrants they are being held on.

The quicker a client gets out, the better as there will be the least amount of time and money spent.

The costs of being in jail add up quickly. Being in jail, is not just an inconvenience for the client, but can cause great financial and emotional hardship on the clients’ families. Missing work leads to lost income, lost jobs, unpaid bills and so on. Some people lose everything.

Once clients find themselves in jail, the process of finding a criminal defense lawyer should begin.

In many cases, the client calls a friend or relative who then looks for a lawyer. Once the friend or relative finds a lawyer who they think is the best fit, he or she contacts the lawyer and the process of getting help begins.

The lawyer vetting and selection is often done this way because the would-be client has restrictive phone calling privileges while in jail. In most cases, phone calls are made only to relatives.

What to Look for in a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many criminal defense lawyers in Dallas. How do you know which one can best represent your relative in jail? Here are some things to look for:

  • His or her reviews. Does the attorney have good reviews and testimonials from former clients? How many clients have they helped? Have they been successful in reducing sentences, getting not guilty verdicts, dismissals or have successfully reduced clients’ bail?
  • His or her experience. How many years of experience do they have? What are their credentials? Do they have many years of experience working on cases that are like those of your loved one?
  • The firm’s location. Your loved one may face charges that require multiple court hearings and consultations with their lawyer. You may also be required to meet with the lawyer. To make these meetings and court appointments easier, an attorney working at a law firm that is located near the jail is preferable. The firm’s close proximity to the jail will also be an indication that the attorneys working there are familiar with that specific jail, the courts, how they operate and even many of the people working there.
  • The attorney’s availability. Having a loved one in jail is difficult. Nothing is more frustrating at this time than hiring an attorney who doesn’t return calls, answer questions or address concerns. You want a lawyer who puts their best efforts into your loved one’s case.

If your loved one is being held in a Dallas County jail and you want them out fast, contact the Traylor Law Firm today.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have many years working in the Dallas courts and are familiar with the workings of all the local jails. We’ll work with you to set up the best legal representation for your loved one and get them out fast.

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