Balch Springs Warrants in Balch Springs Municipal Court

Balch Springs is a little town just south of Mesquite tucked in along Highway 635. If you are reading this, chances are you know just where it is. For a town of their size, they get a lot of experience working high speed collisions because of the freeways, I-635, I-20, and US 175, running through their town. That’s one reason they are so aggressive about speed enforcement along their roads. Look for the sleek black Camaros that work traffic. If you don’t handle your Balch Springs Traffic Tickets, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with Balch Springs Warrants in Balch Springs Municipal Court. You may even get to see the inside of their jail. We can help keep that from happening.

If you get tickets in Balch Springs, handle them as soon as you can. While Balch Springs has stopped issuing failure to appear violations on every overdue ticket, they are pretty strict about their fine amounts. And pay attention to the school zones when you’re going to and from court. You don’t want to get a second ticket while handling your others.

If you have Balch Springs Warrants in Balch Springs Municipal Court, talk to us about helping you. Call 214-382-0900. Don’t try to go it alone. We have over twenty years experience in handling traffic tickets in local courts, including Balch Springs Municipal Court. This includes other non-traffic violations like assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, public intoxication and so on.

Why is it wise to hire an attorney on your tickets and warrants? Because we can keep you from making mistakes that will cost you time, money and major stress. If you think paying tickets off is a good idea, think again. Paying tickets gives you convictions and convictions give you consequences. Your insurance will go up, points on your license can add surcharges or lead to a suspension, and you may be paying tickets that a lawyer could get dismissed.

We can take over your traffic tickets and work out your Balch Springs Warrants in Balch Springs Municipal Court. We can take them to trial if needed. We can even advise you on more unconventional options.

But the bottom line is, be very careful with your tickets. Just walking into the courthouse and paying them off is a bad deal. You’ll pay the most money and get the worst result. Call us and we’ll explain.

Call 214-382-0900 24 hours.

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