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Addison is located north of Dallas on only 4.4 square miles of land. Following explosive growth in the 80’s Addison turned from a sleepy little farm town with a local runway into a vibrant destination with over 200 hotels and restaurants. And Addison has a police force that is always on the prowl looking for illegal u-turns, out of date stickers and of course other more serious violations. If you don’t handle your Addison Traffic Tickets, there’s a good chance you’ll see the inside of their jail. We can help keep that from happening.

Forgot about your Addison Traffic Tickets? We can get them out of warrant and into court.


Why? Because paying Addison Traffic Tickets gives you the worst deal for the most money. Paying Addison Traffic Tickets gives you convictions. And paying Addison Traffic Tickets can cause you bigger problems.

We handle Addison Traffic Tickets and Class C Misdemeanors. We’ll bond your warrants and get your cases into court. We’ll keep you from making simple mistakes that can cost you time and money. We can also help with your new Addison Traffic Tickets.

The Traylor Law Firm’s lawyers have fought Addison Traffic Tickets and other cases since 1995. We’ve helped thousands put their problems behind them. Because we want the very best result, we’ll take time to listen to you. We’ll work on your cases together.


Call us at 214.382.0900. And check out our reviews. See why clients think we’re the top lawyers for Addison Traffic Tickets and Class C Misdemeanors. And remember, we also handle DWI, possession, weapons, assault cases and more.

Warrants? Call us. We want to keep you out of jail. All day, every day, we clear warrants. We also fix complex driver license issues. Call and we’ll check with the state. We’ll find out what’s in your way. Then we’ll tell you how we can help.

Court date? Call us. It’s best to get help right away. And we may be able to go to court for you. As much as possible, we don’t want you missing work.

Someone in jail? Call us. We want them out, too.

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Fast and professional!

Response from The Traylor Law Firm:

The faster we go, the more time everybody has to get back to enjoying their lives, ...including US!

David T.

David T.

Collin County prosecutor called today to say they are dismissing our client's assault case set for trial tomorrow. Happy for the client, happy for the time cleared off the calendar tomorrow, but disappointed we won't get to try the case. They always dismiss the ones that would be the most fun to try.

Near Airport Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001
David T.

David T.

Requesting records on client's recent arrest for a felony and a misdemeanor.

Near Airport Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001
David T.

David T.

Doing a jail release via attorney bail bonds for a person in the Addison jail on warrants for traffic tickets.

Near Airport Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001
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If you live, work or play in Addison, you know the police make lots of traffic stops. Addison is a place you don’t want to make an illegal u-turn or driving with an outdated inspection. The police are crawling the streets and will pull you over, issue tickets, run you for warrants, and take a good hard look at you and your vehicle. Their court is not soft on tickets either. They won’t go easy on the fines.

However, they do take the best approach to deferred adjudication in the entire area. Addison will make a deferred offer and then reset the case for the entire deferred period. This allows the balance to be paid at the end of the deferred and gives plenty of time for clients to come up with the money. It eliminates a lot of excuses and avoids the complexity and inconvenience of having to schedule ‘show cause’ hearings.

A ‘show cause’ hearing is a date when people can come explain why they failed to complete their deferred successfully. Many courts don’t want to separate out all the people who haven’t complied, schedule hearings and mail notices. It’s expensive and time consuming. Addison wisely avoids this by resetting the case for the entire probation period. At the end of the period, people have either complied or they have not. If they have complied, they pay and get a dismissal. If they haven’t, they don’t get their dismissal.

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