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Addison is located north of Dallas on only 4.4 square miles of land. Following explosive growth in the 80’s Addison turned from a sleepy little farm town with a local runway into a vibrant destination with over 200 hotels and restaurants. And Addison has a police force that is always on the prowl looking to keep the area safe. There’s a lot going on in this town; business and commerce during the day, dining and entertainment on nights and weekends. And if you’re accused of a crime in Addison, the Addison Police Department will investigate, make an arrest and file charges against you. Your best bet if you find yourself jailed by Addison is to call a lawyer right away who knows how to help with Addison bail bonds.

If you have a family member or friend in jail, call us. We’ll tell you what it takes to get them out. We’ve dealt with all the local jails. Sometimes people want fast. Sometimes they want cheap. We’ll tell you all your options and let you decide.

The Traylor Law Firm can help arrange release. The Traylor Law Firm has been helping with criminal defense and Addison Bail Bonds for over 20 years.

We provide Addison Bail Bonds for misdemeanors, felonies, DWI, possession, thefts, assaults, fraud, credit card abuse and more. Many times people are also held on warrants for unpaid tickets. The Traylor Law Firm can help with these,

How to Handle Addison Bail Bonds

What is the quickest way to get somebody released on Addison holds or charges?

Well, for starters, Addison no longer has a jail. They now book their prisoners directly into the new Carrollton Jail. And the quickest way to bond someone out on an Addison arrest will often be to go to the Carrollton online portal or lobby kiosk. The Carrollton Jail is located at 2001 E. Jackson Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006. Be advised, you can’t pay everything this way, they have maximum amounts and they charge a fairly steep convenience fee. They currently accept misdemeanor bonds for Collin and Denton but all Dallas County bonds must still be paid at the Dallas County Bond Desk at Lew Sterrett.

For class c misdemeanor holds (tickets), it’s often possible to post bonds or pay fines after the person is booked in but before having to wait for them to be arraigned. Once the agency is paid, they will send a release to the jail holding the person on their warrant. Again, do not try to pay online for a person in custody unless you are doing so through the Carrollton Portal.

For city charges, the bonds or fines, if you don’t pay via the portal or kiosk, they can usually be paid either at the holding jail or at the agency who issued the warrants. There are exceptions to the general rule. And please, except for paying through the Carrollton online portal, do not try to pay anywhere else online. Doing so often makes it impossible to have a release sent. (A release is proof from the agency who has the warrant or charges which says they are satisfied and the hold has been released. Receipts for payment will not work. Only a teletyped release will cause the jail holding the inmate to release that particular hold).

Note, the inmate may still have one or many other holds. Generally, a person cannot be released from custody until each hold has been cleared.

Also, generally, to pay anything you must first wait for the person to be fully booked. The jail can give estimates of how long book-in will take. (Tip: check online as often as you like but avoid bothering the jail more than once an hour for updates). Once booked in, you need to know where the charges are from, what they are, and how much the bond amounts are. It’s also good to get warrant numbers if you can. Have a pen ready to write down all the info if you get it by phone.

For county charges, you must typically wait for the person to be arraigned before posting bond. Notable exceptions are if the jail pre-sets bonds or an attorney files a writ at the county to have bonds set.

And it can get even more complex. Because of the complexity, the single best advice we can offer about jail release is to find an expert who can guide you through the process. As much as you may already know about bailing someone out, it only takes one missed detail to lose hours or even days of time for you and the person in jail.

Since many can’t afford the full amount of cash bonds, a common option is to hire an attorney or bail bondsman. They will charge a smaller amount, a premium, to post bonds for you. For bigger bonds, it’s typically 10%. For smaller bonds it’s more. And while cash bonds are often faster, they aren’t always better. See the chart below for pros and cons of cash versus surety bonds.

Table: Pros and cons of cash vs surety

Cash pros
• Fast
• Get most of the money back
• Don’t have to disclose financial information
• Don’t need cosignor

Surety pros
• Cheaper up front
• Second set of eyes on court dates
• Bondsman has tools to limit risks
• Might be able to get a bond posted without leaving home

Cash cons
• Expensive up front
• Nobody else tracking settings
• Might lose the whole amount
• Usually have to physically go to the jail

Surety cons
• Disclosure of financial data
• Need cosignor
• Bond company can decide to go off bond
• Don’t get any money back
• Bounty hunters for slip ups

As stated above, while it’s nice to understand the basics, what really cuts the confusion is talking directly with an expert about the specifics of your jail release.

Call as soon as you know an arrest has been made and we’ll quickly map out the best plan for you with all of your options.

We’ll do it for FREE! *

*We offer help because we hate seeing precious hours wasted on avoidable mistakes. Also, if we help you get them out faster, you might choose us to represent them. And we’re good at that, too!

The bond company will only charge a portion of the bond as their fee. For larger bonds, that fee is usually 10%. For smaller bonds it is a fixed rate. For instance, a $500 bond should cost about $150. This fee is called a premium. Unlike a cash bond, this fee is non-refundable. However, if your family member or loved one does not make all their court dates, the bond company will seek to recover more money from the cosigner or the person who signed for the bond.

The Carrollton Jail has their inmate list online. Or simply call us and we’ll check for you. Call us at 214-382-0900.

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