Grand Jury Representation

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a felony, you need to know whether your case has been to the Grand Jury. All felony cases must go to a Grand Jury before going to court. In many cases, the Grand Jury hearing is the best chance to beat your case. Check with us to find out if your felony has been to the Grand Jury yet. The clock is ticking!

What is a Grand Jury? What do they do?

A Grand Jury is twelve to sixteen people who reflect a broad cross-section of the the county in race, sex, and age. At least nine must be present to make decisions. Their meetings are secret; only specific people are permitted during deliberations. The Grand Jury listens to the facts of a case to decide if probable cause exists to indict. They filter out cases which should not go to court. They can even file lesser charges if they wish. Of course, Grand Juries True Bill most cases presented to them. We work to convince them not to.

Why is this Important?

Grand Juries can No Bill cases. That means the case ends and the file never makes it to court. While this may not seem like a big deal, it absolutely is. You’ll understand later when facing a plea offer or trial. If possible, you want your case to end before getting to court. Your choices will be much tougher in court. If your case is right for it, we present a packet to the Grand Jury to try to get them to No-Bill the case.

What is a Grand Jury packet?

A Grand Jury packet can include many things. What and how much to include varies case by case. With the number of cases a Grand Jury hears, the packet must be easy to scan quickly. It must be short, direct, and persuasive. A packet might include letters, affidavits, photos, polygraph exam results, or proof of payment for injuries. On the other hand, it could be nothing more than a one page letter. Witnesses may also be made available at the time and place of the hearing. And while witnesses can make a big difference in some cases, having the defendant available can be a dangerous choice. We carefully assess each case to develop a plan for the Grand Jury.

Grand Jury – Get on Board!

As a firm with a high rate of success in Grand Jury hearings, we know that some cases just aren’t good candidates for the time, effort and money that goes into preparing a Grand Jury presentation. But for the right case, it can be the fastest, smoothest, cheapest and best way to beat the charge. We work with our clients to determine which cases are right for this type of effort. Please contact us to see how we can work together on your case. Call (214) 891-7444. Phones answered 24 hours.

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